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Welcome, player.

You're about to apply to join THE QUEST Startup Studio.

THE QUEST is a next gen' entrepreneurship program, designed like a multiplayer online game, thought for (very) young singularities.
Where the most ambitious 17-27yo who want to build a legendary startup, turn their personal obsession into an international tech project: a project for life.
In 4 years, the startups created inside THE QUEST have reached a cumulative annual recurring revenue of over 20 million €
SaaS, consumer mobile apps, Web3 platforms, AI tools...
In the sectors of decentralized finance, health, climate, gaming...
Next is yours?

Now we need to know more about you👇

1 — Your first and last name (and nickname if you have one 🙂)
2 — Your email address
3 — Your telephone number
4 —Your URL or @ of your favorite social network account (Github, Linkedin, Twitter...)
5 — Tell us, what project do you dream of working on intensively over the next 12 months at THE QUEST?
It could be a long-held dream, a problem that's been bugging you for a while, or an idea you've already started working on recently.
If you have any ideas, please let us know!
And if you don't have any, just say so, no problem :)
6 — Space for freedom ❤️
Anything to add?
7 — Last question: How did you hear about THE QUEST?